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Other types of breast pumps

Apart from hospital grade breast pumps which are of the highest quality and the most efficient, new moms can consider different kinds of pumps as other choice: Electric: These pumps are designed for women who have a good flow of milk and for any reason have to express milk several times a day. This is… Read More »

Best hospital grade breast pumps

6 best hospital grade breast pumps in 2019 No1. Medela Symphony Plus Symphony Plus is Medela’s most recent advancement in hospital-grade electric double pump with 2-phase expression pumping which is demonstrated to lessen pumping time through quicker let-down and milk stream while pumping at Maximum Comfort Vacuum and expel as much milk as a breastfeeding… Read More »

Tips for moms

Five important safety notes when using breast pump   Don’t get a used pump. Although it saves cost considerably when sharing or borrowing a friend’s breast pump, or buying one used, the FDA and breastfeeding experts generally caution against it. Breast milk may pass bacteria and infections that can contaminate these pumps and pass a… Read More »